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My name is Jacoby,and I am a shopaholic.
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Kendall Inspired Wardrobe Essentials 

Start off with some loose tanks, then add some textured sweaters and crop tops to achieve Kendall’s Californian style. As for outerwear, Kendall wears parkas a lot, so one of these would help you achieve her style. Then add in a pop of colour through a fur gilet or a vest. 

Kendall tends to wear more casual dresses so a white dress would be perfect. Then some black leggings, black jeans and ripped jeans are all a must have. 

Kendall usually relies on her trusty Converse of her cut out boots but add some style into your wardrobe by buying a pair of pointed heels. 

Kendall is always see carrying a black handbag. Add a black floppy hat and some gold rings to glam it up!